With the World Cup now in full swing, we here at LBI Foodies thought it would be fun to make our expert picks on each week’s World Cup games. Now we aren’t really experts when it comes to soccer, so we will make our picks based upon something else…FOOD!

Without further adieu, our World Cup Round 1 Week 1 Picks (Through 6/17/10):

June 17th – 2:30pm

A classic match up in the kitchen. Baguettes versus Burritos. Enchiladas versus Escargot. However, in this clash of culinary titans, my stomach’s decision is quite clear. While the French may have the fancier fare, a true foodie knows some of the best food doesn’t necessarily come from places with guys like this working there: ———————————————–>

Here at LBI Foodies, we will take Fajitas over Fondue any day of the week.

LBI Foodies’ Prediction: Mexico 1 – France 0



6/13/10 2:30pm

The Bratwurst versus the Barbie. These two cuisines are actually geographically not very far apart since Australian cuisine is largely derived from British cuisines. Unfortunately for Australia, British cuisine isn’t exactly considered…well…cuisine. Where Germany is known as the birthplace of American delights like the hamburger and hot dogs, as well as the world’s coolest 16 day party (Oktoberfest), Australia is has brought us…Vegemite.

Who would you take food advice from? Mick Dundee or Augustus Gloop?

Sorry Aussies, you may be awesome swimmers and have sent the coolest lifeguard to the Baywatch staff, but in this battle, Germany takes the cake (or strudel to be more accurate).

LBI Foodies’ Prediction: Germany 3 – Australia 0

6/12/10 2:30pm

If this is the English team's pre-game meal...USA will win by forfeit

The biggest match of the World Cup happens on day 2. Apple Pie versus Steak and Kidney Pie. One fact keeps repeating as I write this: I have been to England many times and have had great meals at fantastic restaurants on every trip, but exactly ZERO of those meals have been at British restaurants. Most of the food conjures up images like this: ——————————————————————>

Enough said…they might have the higher ranked soccer team, but in the battle of food “Meat Pies” don’t have a chance against good old American cuisine.

LBI Foodies’ Prediction: USA 2 – England 1

Check back next week for the results and our Week 2 picks. GO USA!!!!!!!!!!!!

3 Responses to “The Weekly Dish – June 11, 2010 – World Cup Edition!”

  1. rsteinlight says:

    Who has the best take out seafood dinners on LBI?

  2. rsteinlight says:

    Where can you get the best lobster roll?

  3. admin says:

    We ran a search through our socials networks and the following were their recommendations:
    Beach Haven Fishery, Harvey Cedars Shellfish, Ship Bottom Shell Fish, Off the Hook (Barnegat Light) and Pinky Shrimps and The Boathouse

    That gives you some great options, regardless of where you are on the island!

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