They just don’t make diners like this anymore…

Mustache Bill’s
$-$$ | NR
8th Avenue and Broadway
Barnegat Light, NJ 08806
(609) 494-0155

If a fisherman married a Route 3 waitress, Mustache Bills might be their child. Situated in the shadow of Ol’ Barney, Mustache Bill’s is a blast from the past diner with fabulous fare. A silver box style diner, diners like Mustache Bill’s are few and far between now-a-days.

Most diners give you a menu that looks like required reading; 2 inches thick and hard to follow. The menu at Mustache Bills is THREE pages long. Perfect simplicity in our opinion. It is like Cliff Notes for Diner Menus. Just the goods…no filler.

We had a split decision at our table. For those unfamiliar, a split decision is when your table cannot decide whether to order breakfast or lunch, so they order both. Fortunately for you, no matter the meal time you choose, they are all great.

Mustache Bill’s serves up some of the best Chipped Beef…anywhere. What? You’ve never heard of chipped beef? Somewhere in the last 20 years chipped beef fell off the face of the Earth like Chumbawumba, Arsenio Hall and that Macarena group – but it was wrongly cast away. To anyone who has never tried it…it is serious Foodie cuisine. Mustache Bill’s does it well, very well. So well in fact, that Guy Fieri from Food Network’s Diners’ Drive-Ins and Dives paid a visit to try it. See the video below for the clip from the show.

If you are in the mood for a BLT, this place does it very well. The reason it was so well received (and devoured)? Mustache Bills happens to be an equal opportunity ingredient distributor. All too often, a BLT is messed up by one of the individual members stealing all the thunder…like a prima-donna lead singer (I’m looking at you BACON). However, Mustache Bill’s BLT is equal parts and equally delicious!

If you are looking for a diner and looking on LBI, look no further!

Mustache Bill's5.21025

3 Responses to “Mustache Bill’s”

  1. Hungry Up North says:

    I had a BLT at a diner in central Jersey on Saturday that was way too tomato heavy. It left me weeping in my white toast and craving a Mustache Bill’s BLT! Can’t wait to get back there…

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  2. Karen says:

    great down home food, & service !!!- look forward to breakfast there – when visiting Barney @ sunrise !! Grew up with the old time diners & this is like going home !!

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  3. Lynn says:

    I made a special trip here after seeing it was visited by DDD. I had the pancakes, and they were FABULOUS! Don’t know why, I think because they weren’t real thick and bready. All’s I know is I haven’t had another good pancake since then, and am craving a return just to get the pancakes!

    P.S. I wish they would do old fashioned waffles (the thin, non “belgian” kind) – I haven’t found a single place in NJ that makes the old fashioned kind. I’d make another special trip back just to get those!

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