Each holiday season, it seems that we are bombarded with advertisements, decorations and promotions earlier…and earlier. Each year it gets worse. This year, the line has been crossed with premature celebration and it is affecting the greatest foodie holiday of the year: Thanksgiving.

The evidence against premature celebration is staggering. Some examples:

  1. Halloween is Under Attack – Like most, I plan my Halloween costume during the week leading up to Halloween. Walking into the mall on October 30, Halloween seemed to have already passed. Most of the Halloween stuff was no longer in the front of the stores, but rather, in the BACK on the clearance racks! Clearance bins before the holiday is a major faux pas in my book. Last minute shopping is a common and acceptable practice, but it appears retailers are trying to change that. What was in the front of these stores? Candy canes. Fake snow. Giant boxes with bows adorned in wrapping paper. In other words…HOLIDAY SALES! GUILTY!
  2. The Month of Black Friday – The day after Thanksgiving used to be a gloriously organized nationwide animal house where retailers offer egregious deals at the crack of dawn. Black Friday didn’t bring out the average shopper; these were tougher, crazier shoppers. The Gladiators of the shopping world, wielding lawn chairs and newspaper ads, driving their SUV chariots from deal to deal at a vicious pace. Black Friday used to kick off the holiday shopping season…but no more. Now some retailers have already begun Black Friday sales…seriously? How does Black Friday start…BEFORE BLACK FRIDAY!? And this isn’t just some random stores; all the heavy hitters are guilty: Wal-mart, Best Buy, Amazon.com…come on people, Black Friday used to give me a way to work off Thanksgiving dinner! But alas, now I can get those deals online and daily for the next three weeks.
  3. The Invasion of the Santas -

    Wanted: Kris Kringle Crime: Stealing Thanksgiving's Thunder

    Santa is a holiday fixture in every mall in America. The jolly man in the red jump suit used to mean Christmas was right around the corner. This year Christmas has a pretty big corner. Either Santa messed up his calendar or he is has officially declared war on Turkey Day. I was at the mall last Saturday, November 6th. November 6th is fifty days from Christmas. 50 days…that is over a month and a half before Santa has to squeeze his tush down the chimney, but there he was in his chair ready to take pictures.With pumpkins still on the ground and t-shirt weather outside, let’s just say he looked a little out of place. Children were flat out confused. I mean, they just got through Halloween; they were totally unprepared to have their annual meeting with Mr. Kringle. Come back in a few weeks Santa…AFTER Thanksgiving.

The evidence against the Holiday Season’s encroachment on Thanksgiving is overwhelming. I mean, Thanksgiving is the ultimate foodie holiday! Unlike most other holidays, Thanksgiving requires one thing and one thing only: EATING! No gift giving, no re-gifting, no heavy decorating. Just the bird, the sides and the pies. As foodies, we must do our part to help keep Thanksgiving at the forefront of our holiday slate from November 1st through Turkey Day. Here are some things you can do to help:

  1. Leave Bing and Frank off the airwaves until the day after Thanksgiving: Jingle

    Pugsley Addams...Thanksgiving Activist

    Bells and White Christmas have no business on the airwaves until then.

  2. Watch the Food Network: The only channel that shows Thanksgiving the respect it deserves. Tons of Turkey Day shows, recipes and specials. Glad to see a foodie’s flagship channel supporting the national foodie holiday.
  3. Replace your local mall Santa’s with Pugsley the Turkey: ok so this one is made up, but how funny would it be to see this guy in your mall? —->
  4. Follow the Thanksgiving Support Group on Facebook – Facebook group dedicated to giving Thanksgiving the respect it deserves.

Fight the good fight this Holiday Season foodies…don’t let the retailers of the world push Thanksgiving under the carpet because we don’t put presents under a turkey. If you love Thanksgiving, please spread this message to your friends, families and the other turkey lovers of the world.


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