Beach Haven’s most popular breakfast location…and well worth the wait!

Uncle Wills
$ | NR | CASH
3 South Bay Avenue
Beach Haven, NJ 08808
(609) 492-2514

There are some famous "houses" in the world:
 The White House. The House of Representatives. The House of Parliament
The list goes on and on...and while these places might be home to many important things and people, there is one thing they surely do NOT house...pancakes.    
In the world of breakfast, Uncle Wills has been the undisputed King of the Pancake since Woodstock.
..and not the 2 previous fake Woodstock's (Faux-Stock?)...the ORIGINAL Woodstock.
Just drive up the BLVD into Beach Haven on any weekend between 7am and noon and you will eventually see a crowd of people amassed under a giant red sign. The reason? Concert tickets? No. Celebrity sighting? Nay.

It's all about the breakfast in LBI and if you want that breakfast to involve pancakes, well let's just say I'll see you on line for them...under the big red sign.
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  1. C Paul McDonough says:

    I think you can still request to eat with one of the Uncle Will’s pigs at your table. In case you’re eating alone and want company or you’re on a date and aren’t the best at small talk, request the pig to heighten the ambiance. Don’t worry, they’re not real.

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