New Jersey just does diner’s right and this place is no exception.

Fred’s Diner
305 North Bay Avenue
Beach Haven, NJ 08808
New Jersey is known for many things. Some of these things are less than reputable (I'm looking at you Mr. Soprano). Some of these things are bad stereotypes (I'm looking at you Turnpike). But few would deny that New Jersey has great diners. Fred's (or as I still call it...Nollers) has been fighting the good fight for diners statewide for years. The layout of Freds is truly unique. One entrance takes you into a classic diner complete with metallic, tabletop jukeboxes. It is vintage LBI, vintage diner and just well vintage. The other entrance takes you into a modern dining room, turquoise and beach toned. Toil not over which door you choose, the food is delicious. Breakfast or lunch, Fred's is "shore" to please!
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