A little water never hurt anyone…I mean Venice was built on it! This Italian restaurant is well worth navigating the water hazards.

Joey’s Pizza and Pasta
$-$$ | BYOB | NR | TO
2 Locations:
8106 Long Beach Blvd
Beach Haven Crest, NJ
(609) 361-1122
2201 Long Beach Blvd
Ship Bottom, NJ
Open Year Round
(609) 361-5000

A foodie will go through almost anything for a good meal. Much like the postal service, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these foodies from getting their meal…”. We will do almost anything in the name of food…

In the case of Joey’s, that may very well mean swimming for your dinner. Depending on the tides and island weather, this restaurant could have quiet the water view. Not bayside or oceanside, Joey’s actually has the only “street-side waterfront” dining on Long Beach Boulevard. Rather than downplaying this, Joey’s owners added “Occasional Waterside Dining” to their restaurant’s logo. As foodies, we LOVE when restaurateurs have a sense of humor, so major bonus points there.

If you enjoy Italian food and are heading to Long Beach Island, bring your galoshes and head to Joey’s. This place may serve up a full selection of delicious pizza place fare, but their selection of Italian seafood dishes is what keeps bringing us back each year. Our personal favorite? Have to go with the mussels marinara, this place serves up some of the best at very reasonable prices.

Look, it’s an island…if you are afraid to get a little wet, why are you even there?

Joey's Pizza and Pasta4.71030

3 Responses to “Joey’s Pizza and Pasta”

  1. A great family Pizza and Pasta restaurant, with a very friendly staff. Tina was terrific! We love the mussels over linguine with red sauce, medium hot. This dish comes with a large salad and bread knots for a modest price. Add a BYOB wine and you could eat out more often!

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    Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  2. Bella says:

    Okay so to be honest when my family said we were going to joeys for dinner, I was like…uhhh I dont want pizza place food…. Boy was I wrong!!!! This place is freakin’ amazing! The italian food here would put some of the fancy Italian restaurants to shame!!!And portion size…lets just say I had lunch for two days after my dinner that night! We will be back… often!

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  3. foodlover says:

    my favorite place on the island a place that can truly make pizza

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