The Beach House
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13015 Long Beach Blvd.
Beach Haven Terrace, NJ 08008
(609) 492-1997

I had heard a lot about The Beach House before I ever stepped foot in this Beach Haven Terrace establishment. Like any skeptical person, I tried not to the let hype get the best of me. Here at LBIF we challenge hype so here were my tasks at hand:

  • Hype #1 – The BEST Bacon Wrapped Scallops on Long Beach Island

First off, whoever figured out that the marriage of a scallop and a slice of crispy bacon was a match made in heaven deserves the Nobel Prize, or whatever the chef equivalent is. You can get these things anywhere from a wharf to a wedding reception so you can see why I was so skeptical about The Beach House having “the best.” Well…I should have just listened to the hype.

These weren’t just bacon wrapped scallops…they were what every bacon wrapped scallop I have ever had aspires to be. Served sizzling, the scallop practically melts in your mouth while you bite into a morsel of

crisp, sweet and salty bacon. Incredible.

Verdict: The BEST bacon wrapped scallops on Long Beach Island (or in my opinion anywhere).

  • Hype #2: The Baby Back Ribs are fantastic

Ok, ok…if I were nervous about the scallop claims, this one was much more serious. Barbeque is not only an art to a foodie, to many it is a sacred thing. You don’t mess with BBQ. So a claim like this I had to test.

The first sign that I might be in for something special came when I walked in to The Beach House. Half the tables had an order of ribs on them. Hmmmmmm. I order the ribs and practically got a high five from the waitress. Hmmmmmmmm. I can’t really describe the experience of eating the ribs…I think I blacked out. It was like a feeding frenzy. I don’t think I spoke, maybe the occasional grunt of approval. Cooked to perfection, sweet flavor topped with a tangy sauce, these ribs were falling off the bone (which only sped up said feeding frenzy). This place might not be called “Big Eds” but the ribs could compete with the best of them.

Verdict: Get the ribs! (and pair it with a crab cake!).

Believe the hype here folks…this place has a great reputation AND the food to back it up!

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4 Responses to “The Beach House Restaurant”

  1. elal0105 says:

    Love the Beach House! Crab cakes (and especially the sauce that comes with them) are awesome. Appetizer specials are always great. I never miss a trip to the Beach House when I am on vacation in LBI.

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  2. beachforever says:

    Crab cakes and pergoies – yum!

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    Rating: 5.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  3. Holgater says:

    Don’t forget about the home made salad dressings!!! The honey-mustard cannot be beat!!!

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  4. Deli gal says:

    Every single item on the menu is amazing! The secret is out…great food, great service, wonderful people! If you haven’t tried it, it’s about time. You will love it!

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