After climbing up and down Ol’ Barney’s 217 steps, pop in here for a well deserved break…

Rick’s American Cafe
$-$$ | BAR | NR
4th & Broadway
Barnegat Light, NJ 08006
(609) 494-8482‎

Who doesn’t love an excuse to go and visit Ol’ Barney? No, not the creepy purple dinosaur… our beloved Barnegat Lighthouse on LBI! After climbing up and down all those steps, you’ll be hungry and thirsty. Lucky for you and your achy legs… Rick’s American Café is a stones throw from the lighthouse. It’s pink on the outside, but well done on the inside. You like that one?
Once you’re at Rick’s… you might end up staying a while. They have all the entertainment staples…pool table, some classic games as well as a killer jukebox (put your Blackberry down and enjoy the ambiance Mr. Corporate….you’re at THE SHORE!). Journey always seems to be blaring when we’re there. Coincidence?

They also have live music daily and nightly throughout the summer, and it’s mostly acoustic acts. Some cover bands, some original… either way, you might be swayed to stick around and you can still hear each other talk. Plus, it’s a dark little joint… so it’ll get you out of the sun for a bit. You should’ve worn sunblock. Okay, if you still insist on sitting in the sun, they do offer outdoor seating. Happy now? Wave to the nice people atop the lighthouse!
All this waving making you hungry? Let’s get to the food!

The menu has a lot of your classic American pub fare, plus seafood specials served daily. Seafood always tastes better when you’re near the water right? Ol’ Barney always makes us crave the fried shrimp & clam strip basket for some reason. That and an order of fries. But what would a true LBI Foodie order there? Word on the street is that Rick’s Café is known for it’s blackened sea bass. How can you go wrong?
So remember the five B’s when you are heading to Rick’s.
Barney. Bands. Basket. Blackened. Bass.

Now “B” on your way.

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