No need to go to Philly for cheesesteaks as long as Dom’s is around…

Dom’s Drive-In
$ | TO | NR
3705 Long Beach Boulevard
Brant Beach, NJ 08808
(609) 494-3333

When people think “cheese-steak” they immediately think “Philly.” We’ve been to the legendary Pat’s and Geno’s. We’ve ordered a “wiz-wit.” We’re partial to Pat’s… but this isn’t Philly Foodies. If you’re on LBI, Philly is a little bit of a hike for a lunch jaunt. The real question is… why would you want to leave our beautiful 18 mile island and drive to a city for a good cheese steak?
The answer? You don’t have to.

Dom’s is LBI’s answer to Pat and Geno. While Pat’s has their signature “wiz-wit” (simply meaning cheese-whiz with onions), Dom’s comes out swingin’ with their M.O.P. Cheese steak. Mushrooms, onions and peppers adorn this massive manwich served on a sub (hoagie) roll. Oh, you don’t like mushrooms or peppers on your cheese steak? Trust us. At Dom’s it totally works. Plus you have your choice of any real cheese to melt over your mop… not just a bucket of whiz.

Nothing against Philly… but pound for pound, Dom can go twelve rounds with Pat and Geno. Blasphemy you say? We’ll drop the three of them in the squared circle… and see who is left standing. Let’s. Get. It. On.

Dom’s comes into this bout with many things that P & G just can’t offer. It’s right by the beach. Pat & Geno… not so much. At Dom’s, you won’t get scolded if you order using the wrong technical sandwich verbage. The big D allows you to be yourself. You can order whatever floats your boat without fear of being berated or ridiculed in a line full of people. You want to get nuts and order a pizza steak? Go on with your bad self. Do you have a wild and crazy hankering for something other than red meat? Three words. Chicken. Cheese. Steak. Are you afraid to say that you’re not in the mood for any kind of cheese steak? Fear not. Dom’s also has delicious subs, chicken fingers, pizza, and fries. Boom. Boom. Pow. Pat and Geno are looking a little beat up right now.

Like a fine wine compliments a meal, Dom’s offers their own soft serve ice cream. We suggest plain vanilla with a mop cheese steak, and chocolate with the pizza steak. Do a swirl with the fries or chicken fingers. Don’t question us. Can Pat or Geno offer you soft serve? Nope.

Onto ambiance. For those of you into googie architecture (googie: building style that evolved in the United States during the 1950s. Often used for restaurants, motels, bowling alleys, and assorted roadside businesses, Googie architecture was designed to attract customers) Dom’s is one of the last standing retro drive-in’s left at the Jersey Shore. The only things missing are waitresses on rollerskates and doo-wop. They have plenty of indoor seating (sorry Pat’s)… and speaking of retro… they have some classic arcade games. For years they had Spy Hunter. Everytime I hear Peter Gunn it makes me hungry to this day. The walls are decorated with classic pics of big wave surfers which adds a nice 60’s touch.

Again… no disrespect to Philly… but I think Dom’s held up like the Italian Stallion this round. We still love Pat’s… so this fight ends in a draw. However, Dom’s will mop the floor with anyone claiming to make a cheese steak this side of Philly.

To quote Stallone in Rocky V… “I didn’t hear no bell.”

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4 Responses to “Dom’s Drive-In”

  1. Lettesgo says:

    Nothing beats a Dom’s cheeseteak (w/fried onions) and a chocolate malt! Mmmmmm!

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    • Lettesgo says:

      sorry…forgot to give 8 stars!!!

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  2. Call me Laura P. says:

    We’ve been coming to LBI for years and love Dom’s. It’s my 16 year olds favorite lunch spot. The menu has everything a family would need to be offered either at lunch or dinner. The chicken cheesesteak was great the other day! From the burger,to the pizza,to the dogs,to the coleslaw, to the ice cream’ they have it going on. For the family it’s a DON’T miss place to go. Great job to Dom’s and their staff,,,, we’re thrilled we stay in walking distance of this local spot.

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  3. Aloha Joe says:

    Awesome M.O.P. Cheese steaks. Audacious Hot Dog. Something we miss in Maui!
    Cool eatin, fine drinks and a pace that is like the Islands. DOM’s rocks and if you guys ever want to relocated, look me up.

    Enjoy the Summer. Headed back this week. Weather has been outrageous as well. HHH i think you guys call it.


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