If Augustus Gloop visited LBI, this would be his happy place…

The Dutchman
$$ | BAR | NR
2500 East Bay Avenue
Manahawkin, NJ 08050
(609) 494-6910‎

GERMAN BROADCASTER: Augustus Gloop, the pride of
Duselheim, the fame of Western Germany, an example for the
whole world. Augustus, how does it make you feel to be the
first Golden Ticket finder?


Us too. Just as Mr. Gloop takes a bite of that reporters microphone in Willy Wonka, a delicious plate of bratwurst awaits him. Mmmm. Bratwurst. Well, if you get a craving for traditional Dutch/German cuisine and you are sitting on the beach in LBI… look no further than Dutchman’s Brauhaus. We all see it calling out to us as we head over the bridge on the way to the island. What is this place that looks as if it was teleported from 1970’s Germany and placed gently afloat on our beloved bay? It is the only Brauhaus on the water at the shore. That’s what.
By definition, the word brauhaus simply translates to “brewery.” They have a wunderbar selection of German beers to go along with their menu. Go traditional and order a Hefeweizen with your bratwurst. With every bite you will feel more like Clark Grizwold in European Vacation, donning your green lederhosen and wooden clogs… Dutchman’s makes you feel like you’ve taken a trip to Germany. That is… until you look out the window. This restaurant offers one of the best dining water views at the shore. It actually is built over the water facing the bay for perfect “no view is a bad view” seating.There’s also a large banquet room available for parties. Bring your clogs.
If you are not feeling the traditional German food vibe… the menu offers a variety of seafood and standard American fare. Our foodies suggestions? Brats & sauerkraut, knockwurst or wiener schnitzel. It is the only place to get ‘em. Speaking of beers, the bar itself is a sight to behold. Beautifully wood carved and beer-stein-studded, this bar is like no other on LBI (especially if you get thirsty for a non-Corona). On tap they have the Paulaner Weiss, the Dortmunder Light and Dark, and other delicious beers within the genre. If you’re not into heavy, wheaty beers, and are afraid you can’t pronounce any of the “heffe” words on tap… just order a Dab. It’s a perfect beer. To top it all off… they also serve free popcorn at the bar.
A side not, we’re not sure if popcorn is actually is German tradition… but who doesn’t love free popcorn? Or as the Germans call it… um… popcorn.
Local Secret: If you go to Dutchman’s on the last night of the season… from 7p until the kegs are tapped it is FREE BEER night. One of us here at LBIF might have actually tapped out the Dab keg.
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  1. Roy H Pinchin Sr says:

    Have visited the Dutchmans for last 50 years, always great food and good beer. Atmosphere cosy and a great view of the bay.
    Now living in Florida, when we visit our old home on the island our first stop is the Dutchmans. The last few miles seams to take for ever before we arrive at the restaurant.

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