Think Captain Hook meets Quint from Jaws…and they can cook…

The Porthole
$ | BAR | NR | CASH
1620 Long Beach Blvd.
Ship Bottom, NJ 08808
(609) 494-4242‎

This. Is. What. A. Bar. Should. Be.
If you were to look up “cool ol’ nautical divey pub” in the Encyclopedia Bartannica… there would be a picture of the Porthole Café. From the well-crafted old-school barrelesque shaped bar, to the big wooden booths… you feel as if you’re a guest of Captain Kidd on the ship Adventure Galley. With nautically-themed trinkets hanging from the walls… this place looks like it would be a perfect hangout for Quint from the movie Jaws. Let’s face it, who in their right mind wouldn’t want to have a drink with Quint?

Drinks are reasonably priced and they have a great bar food menu. We suggest the Colorado fries. See, we just saved you a big trip. Wait, where were we? Ah, the ambiance.
There are more knick-knacks behind the bar than you can count. Oh, and while you’re sitting at the bar, look up. Check out those lamps made of old ship steering wheels. We need to get some of those. They also have a pool table, about five tv’s, a great jukebox and classic arcade games, including Buck Hunter for all you aspiring Ted Nugent’s out there.
But this unassuming little watering hole holds a very special championship belt.
A belt made of…beef.
On the outside of this salty sailor saloon, there is a sign that reads “World’s Best Roast Beef.” Of all the places across the entire planet, who knew that this hidden gem on our island has the best?! After “researching” a.k.a. going to the bar… we learned that it is actually called “Leo’s Famous Roast beef.” It is served au jus on a sesame seed roll with sweet peppers. Mmmm… sounds tasty.

Wanna know what we think?

Now that would take the fun out of your LBI Foodies homework assignment… wouldn’t it?
Go home and pop in the movie Jaws. You must at least have it on VHS. Dust off your old VCR and watch it all the way through. Head over to the Porty (local talk), order a beer, and ask for the World’s Best Roast Beef. Let us know what you think after your first great white-sized bite.
Farewell and adieu… to your dear roast beef sandwich…

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