The best kept secret on LBI…one piece of advice, save room for dessert!”

Holiday Snack Bar
$ | T.O. | NR | CASH
401 Centre Street
Beach Haven, NJ 08808
(609) 492-4544

There used to be a time when the beach was simpler. No ipods on the beach. No wifi at the bar. No hair gel.

Holiday Snack Bar hearkens back to a time when you could get a burger for a couple of bucks and homemade cherry coke.

For anyone who has never experienced the beach without ipods, wifi and (cringe) hair gel…or paid less than $10 for a burger…you should put down your blackberry and Paul Mitchell product and head to the Holiday Snack Bar.

A foodie likes vintage dining, and knows it is often faked. Stressed tables, shabby chic furnishings and black and white photos are used to try and force nostalgia. Holiday Snack Bar is the real deal. An official NJ Historical Site, their counter service has been serving up happy customers for well over 60 years.

If practice makes perfect, Holiday Snack Bar must have really practiced dessert. Made fresh onsite daily, their dessert is one of Long Beach Island’s best hands down. I find it hard to focus on dinner, because their fresh cakes are out in clear view while you eat. One cake in particular stands out among them all, the Lady Lord Baltimore. Words can’t describe it…but it will make any day feel like your birthday (actual quote from fellow foodie).

The Holiday Snack Bar is LBI’s best kept secret. Take a trip back in time today.

And don’t forget dessert!

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  1. courtney.ciccone says:

    delicious burgers and fries! interesting environment and fun for the family! the cakes are to die for so definitely save room!

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