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Got a message from one of our Twitter followers today that the speed limit drops back down this week and the lights go back on next week. This reminded me of how much I love the early season on Long Beach Island, and why it should be overlooked no more.

There are few things in life better than no traffic lights on LBI. Being able to drive from Ship Bottom to either end of the island in under 15 minutes would be either A) a world record or B) highly illegal in the summer months, but during the island’s preseason (mid March – mid May) the island is both alive with businesses opening and easily navigable.

Another reason to head to LBI before the Memorial Day Madness? The weather.

Minus a 1 hour monsoon that occurred while I was at Blue Water Cafe on Saturday night, the weather during the last month has been incredible. How good you ask? It’s sunburn good…and no I don’t mean “Oompa Loompa Orange” tan from a can a la Jersey Shore…I mean real, beach obtained sunburn.

A gelato from The Blue Water Cafe takes the edge off any thunderstorm.

During a 4 hour beach trip on Saturday, it not only looked like summer, it felt like it. With a strong wind blowing out of the west, the beach was perfect. The ocean was like glass and those fortunate enough to spend the weekend at the shore were rewarded with a summer appetizer. As a bonus I was even witness to 2 straight hours of watching a bunch of high school skimboarder’s trying to impress some nearby girls by ramming into waves at top speed and belly flopping into 45 degree water. What ever happened to just talking to girls?

There isn’t much time left with no traffic AND nice weather, so pile the family into the wagon this weekend and take advantage of it. Nearly all of the restaurants are now open and it is a great time to go in and have a low stress meal. Owners are working their tails off getting ready for the Memorial Day rush, but are always happy to stop and talk to an early season customer.

Oh and if you are going to go skimboarding, wear a wetsuit…and a helmet.

Keep Eatin’,

~LBI Foodies

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